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All the gunsmithing and engraving services in this site are
avaiable in zoubin workshop by Ali Asghar Khaksari:

1. Gunsmiting and Engraving (The Art of Hand Engraving)

2. Gold Inlay

3. Engraving all designs as you wish.

4. Reliefing the Engravings of all the antique guns like Holland and Holland,
J.Purdey, Merkel, Birmingham, Browning and the likes.

5. Hand Engarving by tools which has been made personally in Zoubin

6. Mauser K 98. sporterization and fancy and the other old guns.

7. Engraving Portrait in Gold and Silver.

8. Designing and making gunstock and gun pieces.

9. Watch Engraving & Knife Engraving

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