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Ali Asghar Khaksari, Licenced Engraver and Gunsmith.

Born in 1963, Iran, I got acquainted with nature since easy ages through my father. This made me have a better attitude toward nature and wildlife of  Iran which also had a great influence on knowing the nature and anatomy of the animals and their different figures due to visiting them in their habitats. Therefore nature and animals life have inspired all my designs.

 Since my early childhood, I have been shooting professional photos with my father and this made me keener on nature photography.

At an early age I took some courses in turning, weltering and surface hardening in a friend of my father’s workshop. I started to gunsmith in 1983 and since then I have done my best to avoid repetitionwhereas to bring up innovations. I also started to engrave and gold inlay on weapons and tried to gain experience through self-study and hard work and great amount of practice, love and enthusiasm.

The great love and interest I had grown during these years made me take a big step and attract the public attention to protect nature and wildlife of Iran with all the present threats. Therefore I made the guns and the stabs more of valuable pieces of art with engraving and gold inlaying, so that the owner would take more care of them and unconsciously would try not to take them with him to hunting.

Fault detection, and making part for guns and butt stocks is only done for the people who are interested in collecting guns as a precious family heritage or the people who practice shooting sport.

I have also had great influence on my hunter friends to make them replace their guns with cameras. All my engraving works are aimed to protect and the introduce nature and wildlife of Iran to the world.

Ali AsgharKhaksari

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